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CivilCredit Advisors LLC
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Strategic Partners: 

GreenMax Capital Advisors, (www.greenmaxcap.comEstablished in 1994, GreenMax is one of the leading investment advisors on sustainable energy in emerging markets. Sustainable energy is not an adjunct to a line of investment banking services for GreenMax, it is the firm's single core business. GreenMax is currently assisting, or in the past has assisted, many of the most recognized private investors to establish and execute their sustainable energy investment strategies, including market assessments, strategic planning and M&A.

Interlink Capital Strategies, ( ) established in 1994, is a Washington DC-based consulting firm specializing in emerging market finance and business development. The company orignially focused on business relationships between the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Today we have business relationships that have broadened our reach to include Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. 
Interlink Capital Strategies is a registered GSA contractor and a designated Enterprise Development Network Originator for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), as well as a financial advisor for the U.S. Export-Import Bank’s structured finance program. 

ExWorks Capital, LLC ( Exworks offers export trade financing solutions to U.S. exporters and qualified international buyers using ExIm Bank loan guarantees and insurance, private insurance, letters of credit, etc., as appropriate. With a staff of experienced, international finance experts, including the former COO and Vice Chairman of the U.S. ExIm Bank and the former CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the firm is uniquely qualified to offer creative solutions to support export sales and direct foreign investments in emerging market economies. Unlike a traditional lender, ExWorks can be more creative and flexible in solving international financing problems.By creating a specialized financing platform to help small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) increase exports generally, as well as go after the growing emerging country marketplace, ExWorks provides 4 basic services:

  • Export Trading Company:  For those companies uncomfortable taking the initial steps in exporting, or have limitations due to existing bank covenants or risk appetite, we can take delivery ex works from the U.S. operation, handle logistics and structure appropriate trade terms with the overseas buyer, thereby making this like any domestic sale. By outsourcing this activity to ExWorks, an SME essentially takes no risk in selling to the overseas buyer.
  • Working Capital Financing: For those companies which are already comfortable selling overseas but can’t get the working capital they need from their local bank to more aggressively service their export business, ExWorks can extend revolving lines of credit or transaction specific loans to assist in growing this important market. This type of funding creates the ability for a company to provide more generous terms without undue risk from its overseas buyer, thereby allowing for potentially increased sales.
  • Term Financing to Overseas Customers:  When the size of the transaction is sufficiently large (e.g. $200-$300,000) or the type of equipment being sold necessitates it, the ability to provide a loan of two or more years to the overseas customer may make all the difference in whether or not it can afford to make the purchase, or increase the amount of the purchase. Since most U.S. lenders cannot take the risk of extending credit internationally, ExWorks with Ex-Im Bank backing can support this activity and make it possible.
  •  Financial Advisory Services:  ExWorks can provide advisory services to structure financing for projects in emerging markets using risk mitigation from governments around the world. This typically applies to direct foreign investment in an emerging market economy such as the establishment of local distribution channels or the operating of a business in the local market.

Global Clearinghouse for Development Finance (, a non-profit organization formed to implement the Monterrey Consensus, the Global Clearinghouse Initiative has developed specific Financing for Development Tools. The Global Clearinghouse “Financing for Development Tools” are Global Public Goods that have been developed over the last six years to implement the Monterrey Consensus objective of mobilizing private sector resources for development, advancing the capacity of developing country governments and aid effectiveness of development agencies. The Global Clearinghouse receives support from the Swiss Development Agency (SDC) and the UN Capital Development Fund. 

Lamont Financial Services Corporation ( is a nationally ranked independent financial advisor specializing in public finance. The sole focus of the firm is to provide financial advisory services to clients, which are primarily states, state agencies, and municipalities. Lamont is an SEC- and MSRB-registered municipal financial advisor.